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Kayori brings the beauty of natural materials to your home. We design all our products with respect for the planet- using natural fibers, buy our materials carefully and process them minimally - so that our cotton really feels like cotton, our linen feels like linen, our cashmere feels like cashmere.

Inspired by textile in all its simplicity, we create unique, contemporary designs that fit a conscious lifestyle.

Our range consists of bed linen, fitted sheets, blankets, scented candles and many other products which are made of the finest natural materials from around the world.

We partner with select stores throughout the country and beyond to represent Kayori locally. Our partners provide more than organic & natural home goods to their customers, they help transform homes into inviting spaces that are as comforting as they are conscientious.

We cherish and love our partners who make the kayori brand stronger every day.

With full support from our marketing and wholesale departments, partnering with Kayori has never been better.

Want to be become a dealer?

Email us with your contact information and we'll be in touch. Be sure to let us know why your store would be a great fit for us.

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